Heroic Robotics is a group of industrial designers and artists from San Francisco. When they're not pushing electrons around, or showing photons where to go, they can be found indulging in their favorite artistic diversions from responsibility.

Jas Strong, Heroic Robotics CEO and Founder, is a digital artist and optical art specialist, with activities including holography, chemical photography, action video, power engineering and immersive environments.

Matt Stone, Heroic Robotics software lead, is a DJ and photographer in his downtime. He, like the other members of the team, also performs as a part of the Heroic Robot visual art ensemble.


Chris Agerton, Heroic Robotics physical design consultant, is an electronics fiend, climber, and photographer in his limited spare time. He's the master of all things digital fabrication related, and pretty good at flying a quadcopter.

Jacob Potter, Heroic Robotics R&D consultant, works on advanced platforms for the next generation of devices. He designed the Ether Dream laser control system, and rides a frighteningly fast electric bike of his own design.

Ray Wong, Heroic Robotics show structural consultant, builds the structures and the surfaces upon which all else depends. If a Heroic Robotics device at a Heroic Robot show is attached to something, Ray designed and made it. In his spare time, he tinkers on old cars and motorcycles and listens to dance music.